Hi, I’m Katie, a devoted Yoga student and a Yoga teacher. Yoga is about freedom and balance – you create space in your body to allow freedom of movement bringing everything back to balance. The aim is to sit peacefully and effortlessly still in meditation. It has been a wonderful journey and I can honestly say that Yoga changed my life for the better.

Originally from Madeira, in the middle of the Atlantic, I grew up surrounded by the deep blue ocean and luxurious green mountains. Feeling a strong and intimate connection with Nature, I love swimming in the sea and going for long walks with my dogs with whom I share unconditional love and friendship.

Life, or shall I say my English husband, led me to London in 2008 after having worked for over 15 years in the financial markets in Portugal. Committed to a career change, I went back to University (The University of Bath) where I studied and graduated in Addiction Counselling. While studying and after several failed gym memberships – where I paid and hardly used the facilities or attended any classes – I came across a yoga teacher who lived and taught close by. After my first class with Suzie, I went back for more and never looked back. Under her guidance and inspiration, I was able to reconnect with my body and give my busy mind a rest.

Still faithfully and happily attending Suzie’s classes but having also explored many different yoga styles and teachers, I started to think about becoming a Yoga teacher. In 2013 I completed a certification in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies, ITEC Level 3 and in 2014 I completed my Yoga Teacher training in Vinyasa Flow (200hours), accredited by Yoga Alliance UK. I have had the privilege to train with Debbie Avani with whom I learned so much more than yoga postures and how to teach them.

In 2014, I also qualified as a TRE Level I - Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises with Steve Haines, a technique developed by David Berceli that helps release the deep chronic tension created in the body during a traumatic experience or that has accumulated from prolonged stress.

In 2015 I undertook a 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training Immersion with Sarah Corbett. Yin yoga is a floor based style of yoga with poses, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time. Yin Yoga, as it promotes stillness, is a wonderful practice to witness the constant change of sensations floating through our body, the fluctuations of our mind and the nature of the breath.

2016 was a year dedicated to explore the sister science of Yoga - Ayurveda for Self-care course with Ratna Dey Cordukes. The course includes hands on learning of Ayurveda fundamentals, lifestyle, foods, cooking, herbs, home remedies, beauty tips - I love cooking and it was a real joy to learn the principles of this holistic system of preventive medicine and health care with Ratna in such a friendly and authentic environment.

My love for Yoga continues to motivate me to learn more about the mind-body-spirit connection. I have a keen interest in Emotional Anatomy and in 2017 I completed a one year course of Anatomy and Movement with Gary Carter.

Now living in West Sussex, I started practising  Scaravelli inspired yoga. For the next 2 years I am committed to study this approach to Yoga through a Yoga Teacher Development Course with Dot Bowen. Another transformational journey that will bring more knowledge and consistency into my practice.

Alma Yoga incorporates all these styles and influences into a unique style - each class is different as I find that varying the content of classes helps to motivate students.

I am fully insured with Yoga Alliance UK and I hold an Appointed Person Emergency First Aid Certificate.

“Katie is an extremely diligent, focused and hardworking student. She brings a calm presence to her mat and has excellent body awareness. Her commitment to her own self practice, ongoing learning and exploration outside of my classes shines strongly through.” 
Suzie Shpaizer (Yoga Teacher)

"A compassionate and intuitive teacher.

You exit Katie's classes feeling relaxed, calmed, attuned and reflective. A lovely fluid practice for the mind, soul and body."

Tricia Lovel 

A real gem!

Katie's yoga is calm and meditative but still leaves you feeling your body has had a good work out. If you are looking for a balancing class and like working with the breath you won't be disappointed. Katie also brings snippets of yoga wisdom to the class to deepen understanding of this ancient tradition,

Sally Kean-Hammerson

Genuine warmth - Katie is an outstanding teacher. Her genuine warmth and depth of knowledge are obvious when you meet her. She teaches yoga in true form, not just asana practise.
Highly recommended.

Rosie Haysom

Katie Worsdell, Arundel, West Sussex, United Kingdom